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Look at you - taking your first step towards investing in the memories of your family and your life. Welcome! My name is Ashley and I’ll be your photographer.
Take a look around, check out my portfolio, blog, FAQ, etc. You can find a little bit about me too! But before you continue I wanted to explain Sonder.

Sonder is the moment and feeling when you are made aware of the details of someone else's life - when you catch a glimpse of their story. I like to call it, the epiphany of humanity. I chose to use that word as my business name because I wanted the name of my business to convey the nature of my photography.

Sonder is the goal in my work.
It's the kind of images I take of my family.
Photographs that convey genuine connection, relationship, expression and personality.
Photographs that tell your story.

I’d love to know more about you and what you’re looking for in a photographer. Shoot me an email at sonderportraits@gmail.com or use my contact page if you have ANY questions!

Carry on! :)


A Stranger’s Story


 "Just couldn't leave this one out. I only hope your next wife will have you 3 good meals a day. There's one thing you can also say about me…”

A Dream Come True — Business Documentary

Scan 2018-6-25 17.19.14.jpg

"Have you ever had a dream come true?
That shop was my dream. The Lord gave me my dream." Those are words from one of the last conversations with papaw. He was a husband, father of seven and a retired truck driver who dreamed of owning his own business….

When You’re Not A Fan of Photos


Here's me. I actually really like this photo because I'm hiding. It says a lot about my love/hate relationship with the camera…

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