What does Sonder mean?

What is the difference between documentary and lifestyle photography?

Documentary photography creates a story with a series of images. In this case, a "day in the life" of your family. These sessions usually last around 2-3 hours (or longer, it’s up to you!) A lot of people like to document a typical Saturday morning at the house. Sometimes it's the simple things we remember and miss the most when they're gone. Others choose traditions and some choose family vacations! It's totally up to you. You can expect 75+ images and an album from a documentary session.

Lifestyle sessions are shorter (about an hour of shooting) and guided. Not quite posing but you're given more direction. The vision of these sessions are connection and intimacy. Lifestyle sessions can be in home or at a desirable location. You can expect around 25 images from a lifestyle session.

Are digital files included in the session?

Yes! All images are edited, sent to you via web, high res.

Yes, and please do! Once you've downloaded your images, you will receive a print release that grants you permission to print for personal use only. I strongly suggest NOT printing at places like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. I recommend Mpix!

Will I have
to print my

Your deposit is nonrefundable. I understand that life happens and things come up, so if you need to cancel, I'm glad to put the deposit towards another date!

What happens if I need to cancel my session?