When You're Not a Fan of Pictures

Here's me. I actually really like this photo because I'm hiding. It says a lot about my love/hate relationship with the camera. Photography for me is my #1 creative outlet. I love to hide behind the camera. I feel the most awkward in front of a camera. Not sure where to look or how to look or how to stand. I have terrible posture and I feel like Jim from the Office every time someone says "smile!" 


So when a client says to me "I hate having pictures taken," I get it.

I don't remember a time I was ever comfortable in front of a camera, unless it was a self portrait. But we tend to feel a little more comfortable trying new poses and facial expressions when no one is there to watch us look ridiculous. We know our good angles and we also know what we want to hide.

So when it's someone else photographing us we tense up or we shut down.

If this is you, I have a few reminders for you.

  • You are loved exactly as you are.
  • You are important to someone or maybe lots of someones.
  • Photographs are important.
  • Photographs of YOU are important.

Are you a Mother/Father? Wife/Husband? Grandparent? Sister? Brother? Daughter? Son?

I'm a mother. A wife. A sister. A daughter.

Whether I love me or not, other people do.

Whether you love you or not, other people do.

Give those people that love you and accept you unconditionally a way to remember you in all of your human imperfection. Because no one is perfect. Stop running from the camera. Stop delaying a photo session for your family. Start saying yes to acceptance and love - even when you don't understand it.

I'll be over here waiting. Whenever you're ready!