Why You Should Hire a Professional


             I felt like his first day of Kindergarten was just yesterday.
But, here we are in May and my 6 year old will be finished in just a few short weeks.

          Time flies, doesn't it? I often think about how much things change when we're not watching. So, I try to pay attention. Sometimes it's easy but sometimes it can be really hard. It's hard to always be paying attention when the rest of life is calling you. House work, careers, maintaining relationships, dealing with unique pressures that sometimes pop up in the middle of nowhere and yet, still trying to take care of yourself so you don't go crazy in the midst of all of the madness. It can be a lot to manage. 

           I'm always taking pictures. I desperately try to document all of the random moments, the normal moments and the special moments. I'm sure you try too. But there's a hard truth that many people realize as they scroll through their pictures - they're not in them. Another hard truth that is realized, happens when you try to print your pictures. They turn out grainy, cropped, poorly lit and the quality is drastically different than what you see on your device.

         This is why it's so important to hire a professional photographer. The images you purchase from Sonder Portraits include the WHOLE family. They aren't snapshots taken on a cell phone. They're more than selfies. When you hire me, the images of your family are captured with light, composition and the finished edit in mind. You are hiring a trained and artistic eye to capture moments with you in them. Moments that are beautifully edited and printed on high quality products that you couldn't purchase from just anywhere. I work with professional print labs that are used by professional photographers nationwide. All of the work and hours spent putting together and ordering albums, prints and wall art - it's all done for you!

    If you're ready to turn your families moments into art, head on over to the contact page fill out that information and hit the submit button. Or, you can email me at sonderportraits@gmail.com. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!